CONTACT ME  for a free inititial 20 minute phone consultation.

Personal Coaching is designed to support parents and teachers who are looking for a more personalized experience, have restrictive schedules, or who live in an area where classes are unavaliable.  These one-on-one sessions provide support for learning and implementing Positive Discipline tools and techniques tailored to fit your specific needs.

With the information I gather from our complemtary consultation, I will be able to tailor activities, handouts, homework and other resources to support you best as we work together towards positive change in your home or classroom.

If you have never taken a Positive Discipline Class ,  we will need a minimum of four sessions to ensure a great ooutcome.        Introductory Rate:                                                                                           Package of Four-40 minute sessions: $100. 

 If you have  already taken a Positive Discipline Class, and are looking for further support,  single sessions are avaliable.                  Introductory Rates:                                                                                          30 minutes: $25                                                                                                60 minutes: $40                                                                                         Package of  Four-40 minute sessions: $100