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Positive Parenting Fort Collins

Positive Discipline is not a lack of discipline


It's discipline from a respectful perspective

Have you ever asked questions like these:

“Why am I always nagging...didn't I say that about 20 times?”
“I know my kids love each other; why are they always fighting?”
“How do I get them to do their homework?”
“Why isn't this working?”

Positive Discipline has the kind of answers that, at the end of the day, you can feel good about! The kind of answers that can be applied to relationships with anyone at any age. The kind of answers that do not make kids behave because you told them to, but instead invites cooperation through feelings of significance and belonging. It offers practical tools that teach respect, problem solving skills, and self-reliance without instilling shame or guilt. 

  • Currently Avaliable Classes - Additional information on upcoming classes in Fort Collins, Colorado can be found in the upcoming classes page. 
  • Positive Discipline - To learn more about the history and philosophy of Positive Discipline please check out the Positive discipline website.  It is full of tips and other resources.