When asked if she would reccomend the class to others, Jenn Birks said "Absolutely.  It provided me with more tools than other frameworks-like love and logic-to deal with a variety of issues.  I truely feel that our home will become more calm and we will build more of a co-oprative team so we can work together."


Charlie Farrantelli said the class was most effective for him because he "realized that we are all having issues with our kids and I was able to beigin to understand why kids are that way."  He also said he would reccomend the class to others because "It is a comprehensive approach worth trying."


"Toni was very effective and knowlegeable!  Great Facilitator."                     -Christy Lowen, Fort Collins


When asked if anything has changed in the home as a result of the class, Mandy Helton said "Helped my husband and I have more consistent and similiar stratigies"



I can’t express to you how grateful we are to have Positive Discipline as a part of our family. I’d been searching for something to help us because I knew there had to be another, better way. It has already made my relationship with Katie closer and much less stressful, for both of us! She even told me last night when I was getting frustrated to ‘Count to ten’ thanks to the ‘Wheel of choice’!

~Shannon, Fort Collins